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October 2022

Addressing Opioid Use Disorder in Rural Communities: Hindrances and Helps in Delivering MOUD Care

10/12/2022 - 1/18/2023
Monthly 12:00PM - 1:00PM PST
The Greater Southern California Node (GSCN) of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Clinical Trials Network (CTN), in partnership with the Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center (PSATTC), is presenting a 4-part training series that is informed from the work of the CTN-0102 Feasibility Study to address implementation and sustainability of medications for opioid use disorders (MOUD) in rural settings. The series will be hosted by Larissa Mooney, M.D., a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and the Director of the Addiction Psychiatry Division in the Department of Psychiatry and Biomedical Sciences at UCLA. She is also a Principal Investigator for the GSCN of the NIDA CTN.

Expert clinical researchers and clinicians in rural communities from across the U.S. will share practical knowledge and skills for improving care for patients (in rural areas) with OUD. Please note, individuals can earn free CMEs and CEUs for their attendance and sessions do not build on one another.
Location: Online Event
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Expert Perspectives on Behavioral Healthcare for Youth and Young Adults

10/14/2022 - 4/14/2023
12:00PM Central Time
This series – consisting of seven, 75-minute Zoom sessions – brings together behavioral health experts who will discuss core skills and professional perspectives related to providing behavioral health care for youth and young adults. Each session is distinct, so attend any that interest you. Following each session, participants have the option to sign-up for an additional group learning discussion with the topic presenter and/or submit a request for one-on-one consultation.

All behavioral health faculty, program coordinators, field site supervisors, and students training to become social workers, counselors, psychologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, peer support workers and community health workers.
Contact Name: Rebecca Northup
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November 2022

Dialetical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Learning Series

11/10/2022 - 3/16/2023
2-3 PM CT
The eight sessions include:

Overview of DBT
Core Mindfulness Skills
Emotion Regulation Skills
Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
Distress Tolerance Skills
Adolescent Adaptation
DBT Applied to Substance Use Disorder
DBT Applied in School Settings
Learning Objectives for the Series
General biosocial theory of DBT that drives skills-based interventions and the general structure and modes of conducting DBT

Foundational skills of conducting a DBT skills training group and the four main skills sets: Core Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness

Three adaptations to standard DBT: DBT with adolescents, DBT with substance use disorders, and DBT in schools
Who should attend
The DBT Learning Series is designed for anyone who works with individuals struggling with emotion regulation and impulsivity, including suicidality, self-harm, hospitalization, or complex conditions:

Students preparing for careers in social work, counseling (SUD, adolescents, schools), psychology, psychiatric nursing
Peers or community health workers working in a range of communities
Academic staff or field site supervisors providing instruction, guidance, and support for the behavioral health workforce
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December 2022

Switching Deckchairs on the Titanic: Eating Disorders as a Growing Phenomenon of Cross-Addiction

3:00-4:00PM ET
Specific to this presentation is the identification of eating disorders as a growing phenomenon of cross-addiction or “symptom substitution.” Despite that switching one form of a substance for another is well documented, the emergence or intensification of an eating disorder is often minimized or overlooked. It is suggested compulsive overeating, binge eating, bulimia, and pathological dieting are often obscured in early recovery and stand may take “center stage.” Hence, the metaphor of “switching deck chairs on the Titanic.” Practical approaches to identifying this population, providing the appropriate support, treatment, and resources are an integral part of this webinar.
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Developing Performance Measurement and Management Plans that Make Sense

3:00-4:00PM ET
In 2020, CARF International revised the standards for performance measurement and management and performance improvement in their entirety. The Joint Commission also requires performance improvement as part of their accreditation process. Most organizations have been unable to create performance measurement and management plans that would actually work for their organization. This webinar will break down these standards in a way that make sense to organizational leadership.
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June 2023

CPDD 85th Annual Scientific Meeting

6/17/2023 - 6/21/2023

Location: Denver, CO
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