Organization Committee

ejvl2 (Velký obrázek)SCAN, n.g.o.

Jaroslav Šejvl

SCAN is the main conference organiser who is also a publisher of the professional scientific journal Adiktologie and also organises the biggest conference in Czech republic "Primary prevention of the dangerous behaviour in the Czech republic".

Jaroslav Šejvl is the SCAN´s chairman and manager and is responsible for the conference organisation. His scientific interests are history of addictive substances and medical institutions. He also focuses on  methyl alcohol poisoning issues as part of his Phd. studies.




Kristyna Fiserova (Velký obrázek)Kristýna Fišerová

Kristýna Fišerová is a student of the addictology undergraduate course on the 1st faculty of medicine, Charles University in Prague, a primary prevention lecturer for the Jules and Jim association and a consultant on the national line for quitting smoking.

Kristýna graduated from the Open Gate grammar school in 2015, where she received the International Baccalaureate diploma.

She is also a free lance make-up artist in her free time.




Pavlovská Amalie (Velký obrázek)Amalie Pavlovská, MA

Amalie Pavlovská, MA is an academic and researcher at the Department of Addictology, 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University. Graduate from master´s programme Addictology, since 2014 student of doctoral programme in Addictology. Also works as a therapist in the outpatient psychiatric department for drug users since 2012.

The main area of interest is education in the Addictions, divided into mapping study programmes in Addiction Studies around the world focused on preparation of the overview and detailed content analysis of such programmes, and analysis of employability of graduates of study programmes Addictology offered in the Czech Republic, including the graduates´ opinions and employers´ experience.




Katerina Svecena2 (Velký obrázek)Kateřina Svěcená

Kateřina Svěcená studied bachelour programme of occupational therapy at the First Medical Faculty of Charles University, then she studied the master programme of Management and Supervision in health and social organizations.
From 2007 to 2016 she worked at the Rehabilitation Department, First Medical Faculty of Medicine as the head of occupational therapy department.  Since 2016 she has worked as the teaching assistant  at Adictology department, First Faculty of Medicine.

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